Doll House (Front Part) only, without light switch part.

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This product only cover the front part of the doll house.

It does not comes with the part to fix the light switch.

You can find the full house at my another listing.


I printed in 200 micron layers.

You may print the last layer of the floors in "Concentric" to achieve the effect shown in the picture.

Do rotate the file for optimize printing.

All walls have raft build in, do remove them before assembly.

Support needed, but you might minimize the support if you set the support angle at 60 degree

Will require printer with 300x300 (XY) print area.

Parts required superglue. Pegs are designed for optimize assembly.

It is good to have a M3 tap for tapping the thread for fixing the chimney.

The middle floor expansion can be downloaded from:

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Doll House (Front Part) only, without light switch part.

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